My darling sister Sussi has always been great at making/giving really gorgeous presents and for my wedding, this wasn't an exception. She made this beautiful bedspread and pillows in linen, where she had embroidered our names and the wedding date with thick yarn. I love it, it's so beautiful and it's looks so good in our bedroom. Thanks sis!

I know she is working on a similar project, which we'll post pictures and a 'how to' of here on the blog. So keep an eye out for this, 'cause this is a really cool technique, which gives embroidery a whole new feel. 

See you tomorrow!


We want to wish you all a happy Easter and we hope you enjoy your days off with family and friends and lots of good food.
I'm going to Aarhus, my hubby's hometown, to visit his folks and have Easter dinner. It's always so nice to visit them, lots of talk and good food.

Today I have this little cutie for you. Sussi did this embroidery with yarn on linen, from one of my many little sketches. It turned out super. Love the idea of embroidering with thick yarn.  

It's hanging on my wall now and I think it'll stay there for at least another month. I guess I'll have to extend my Easter this year :)

May you all have a fabulously colorful Easter.


Easter is almost here and you probably have all your decorating figured out by now, but if you feel like squeezing in another Easter project, this is a cute one.

This is not an "out of the box" pattern. It depends on your choice of yarn and the size of the egg. 

You'll need these materials: 

Easter egg (any kind of material and size)
Crochet-hook (that goes with the yarn of your choice)


Start with a magic ring.

R1:  ch 2, dc into loop 5 times, join with sl st into second ch, pull loop closed – 6 sts
R2: ch 2, dc in same st, dc 2 in every chain, with sl st into second ch – 12sts
R3: increase in every 3rd ch
R3: increase in every 4th ch

Continue increasing until you reach the thickest part of the egg.
Now you start decreasing, and when you reach ¾ of the egg, you need to put the egg inside, before you finish the project. 
You may need to measure the work during the process by putting the egg inside the crochet piece, to make sure it fits the egg. Otherwise you have to adjust by increasing or decreasing more or less.

Happy project and have a great Tuesday.


When I stumbled upon this pattern of a pair of baby "Converse", I just had to try it out, and I made them as a Christmas-gift for a baby in our family. 
And I think they are just adorable:-)
The teddy-bear on the first picture is actually my (Sussi´s) first teddybear. I got it from my Dad, when I was a newborn, and still in the hospital with my Mom. And thanks to our Mom I still have it. She was an amazing woman in many ways. Among other things, she saved some of our stuff & babyclothes from our early childhood. And I just love to keep memories like this teddybear.
Have an amazing day.
/Sussi & Annika
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You know those projects you can do while snuggling up in a chair with a blanket and watching tv or listening to music? Well, this is one of them. So put on a pot of tea and go get your materials :)
You'll need a few items:
- A couple of different colored yarn balls 
- Glue, preferably a glue-stick 
- Christmas balls
- Scissor
1. Take a Christmas ball and dab it with the glue stick. The glue is to get a sticky surface, so the yarn wont slide of while winding.
2. Now take a yarn ball and press the loose end of it into the glue somewhere in the middle of the Christmas ball. 
3. Now start winding the yarn around the Christmas ball horizontally. This way you secure the end and you start to fill out the ball. Continue to wind vertically as well, going from one side of the top and down, to the other side of the top, while rotating the ball. This way the thread secure itself. Wind until you have completely covered the Christmas ball.
4. When you are done, cut of the end and secure it by tying a knot into the strings.
Merry 9. December. 
/Annika & Sussi


We haven't been doing a lot of Halloween decorating here. Halloween is not really celebrated here, as it is in North America. Although the stores are more and more catching on to the trend, it tends to be more about a fun and decorative thing here.
But the other day my sister came over with this bag of fluffy, cute, crocheted pumpkins she'd made and wanted me to photograph them. Of course I wanted it to be in a slightly different environment and since the weather has been very sunny lately, with crisp colors and clear skies,
I thought the beach would be the perfect spot.
So I dragged all the pumpkins and a chair down to the beach, to give this photo shoot a try. But we all know that with beautiful Autumn days, you sometimes get these very cold and brisk Autumn winds. And it was one of those days. 
But I was determined to make this work and most of it went really well... until this one situation; I had placed the chair close to the water, with the two bigger pumpkins on the seat, and I was really getting in to my photo mode, when I saw through the lens, how the chair and pumpkins got knocked over by the wind.
For a moment I just stood still and watched the situation unfold...until I realized how fast the wind had made these crocheted pumpkins accelerate over the sand and towards the sea. And my only thought was; how was I ever going to explain to my sister, that the crocheted pumpkins, which she had spent a lot of time making, just suddenly had disappeared and sat sail for greener pastures.
So I sprinted...and my high school memories of the 60 meter race, which I did fairly well back then, came back to me, clear as it was yesterday, and carried me up to a speed, that I don't remember having reached, in any situation, over the last 15 years.
And I won. I tackled those furry pumpkins, rescued them from the cold sea and carried them back to safety, thinking that I probably shouldn't tell my sister about this.
She would never ever, trust me with her creations again  :)
May you all have a fun and scary Halloween.
/Annika & Sussi


Thought I'd show you this crochet table runner I made the other day. It's made from jute string and that might not be the most obvious materiel to use, but it does create contrast and it's always interesting to try out different materials. I also think that decorating with rougher materials suits this season well.
Here are the instructions:

Gauge: Exact gauge is not essential to this project.
You can use yarn and size of hook by your own choice.
For this project I have used needle size 5mm, and a 4-threaded jute string
Chain 26.
Row 1: Dc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across - 24 dc.
Rows 2-24: turn, ch 2, dc in each dc across.
Fasten off
Have a creative weekend! /Sussi

Have a look at this great place for more Fall crafts: http://funkyjunkinteriors.blogspot.com/ 



I made these crocheted vases a couple of weeks ago. The big one is about 40 cm high and the other around 25 cm. I found the vases at a flea marked and I just really loved the shape. Thought they would be wonderful for a project like this. 
 This Tuesday's theme over at Fabriken is 'hand made by me'. It's a fun subject and it's going to be interesting to see what everyone is crafting. Have a creative day! /Sussi


I hope you all had a great New Year. I't a beautiful morning today, frosty trees and a pink and blue sky. It is still quite cold here but I have to say that I'm not yet longing for spring. I love winter, its a season that has to be enjoyed as much as any other....especially when we have snow.
My sister haven't had any trouble keeping warm though. She's been knitting these beautiful big pillows:) One being 60 x 60 cm and the other one slightly smaller. She used three different treads for each pillow, one with a fluffy texture, giving it a softer look. The old lamp also got a make-over and now has a brand new knitted shade. /Annika
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