Hello everyone, hope you are having a great week so far? 
We have this little fun project for you, which can take on any color and pattern of your choice.  

So we decided to dress up a couple of utensil jars, with some leather and a zipper. The reason for this choice of fabric was that I, Annika, have this thing about a 50's cream color in my kitchen and that happened to be the exact color of that piece of scrap leather we had laying around.

Pretty easy to make, just measure your jar and cut a piece of fabric in that size and attach a zipper for closing. You can of-course use any fabric you like, I would actually love to see this one in some kind of pastel color fabric with flowers. Would look super cute.

Have a great day!



At this time of year, I think candles is a necessity. It adds a warmth to these cold winter months and it looks so inviting and cozy.
In this project we have Christmas pimped a couple of glass jars and added a bit of winter wonderland to them. 
You'll need this:

- felt
- buttons
- glass jars
(our glass has a circumference of 27 cm)
- scissor
- needle & tread

1. Print out the following template.

2. Take a  piece of felt and pin the template (don't cut out the template) to the felt, but keep room for the extra centimeters on the sided.

3. Now cut along the template, through both paper and felt (This is to create more stability when cutting.). Add the extra bit of felt to both sides. This gives you the possibility to adjust the size a bit, if your jar isn't exactly 27 cm.

4. Measure so the felt piece sits rather tight around the glass, mark and stitch.

5. Stitch on buttons and cut any excess felt.

Download pattern for snowflake candles here
Merry 18. December. 
/Annika & Sussi
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A bowl full of lemons



Decorating for Christmas can include more than just ornaments and Christmas trees. Making your own pillows and throws are a great way to add some cozy winter mood. This is a cute pillow that will fit with a classic Christmas or country style, but depending on your choice of fabric, it could fit anywhere in the house.
You'll find the instructions here
Merry 17. December. 
/Annika & Sussi


A Christmas stocking is a must for Christmas Eve. Where else is Santa Claus going to put the presents :) 
There are so many cute looking Christmas stockings out there, but we are going to show you a slightly nontraditional one. This is a "stocking", but it doesn't have the sock shape. It's shaped as a sack and it's attached to an embroidery ring, which is a really nice and rustic detail. Your choice of fabric for this project is very much up to you. All though using two different kinds, creates a really nice contrast.
You'll find the instructions here
Merry 16. December. 
/Annika & Sussi
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Chic on a Shoestring Decorating


I love homemade breadbaskets. It's such a nice cozy detail on the breakfast table or you can use it for nuts and Christmas sweets. 
There are endless possibilities fabric wise and how you choose to decorate this basket. We have chosen 100 % linen and decorated it with some snowflake prints, in a deep red Christmas color.

Download instructions here
Download pattern for snowflakes here
Merry 15. December. 
/Annika & Sussi
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This is a really cool project for the kids room. Of couse depending of your choice of fabric, this will go anywhere in the house, and add a really soft and cozy look. It could also be an alternative to Christmas pillows on the couch. It's a bit time consuming, but if you're used to sowing, you'll like the result of this project.

Click on the letters to download and print.
You'll find the instructions here
Merry 14. December. 
/Annika & Sussi


I have so many fond memories of my childhood. One in particular was when it was winter and my kid brother and I played around in the snow, building snowmen and little igloos from snowballs and placed lit candles in them. It sometimes got really dark outside, in the afternoon around our house, so we placed them in front of the kitchen windows, so my mom could look out into dark and see these glowing igloos. I remember seeing her, from the outside, standing there in the kitchen, being really busy baking and making food for us, and for some reason it just didn't feel so cold outside. 
This snowman is a charmer and it's a perfect project for the kids as well. 
Download the instructions here
Merry 8. December. 
/Annika & Sussi
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Yesterday we showed you how to make a slightly different Christmas tree and today we have the instructions for a sack to cover up the bottom. This project can be used for any tree or plant you wish to add a bit detail too. It would also add a great decor detail and coziness to the bigger Christmas tree in the house.
Download the instructions here
Merry 7. December. 
/Annika & Sussi


One of my favorite things about Christmas is the coming together, sharing good food and conversations, enjoying the company of family and friends. 
Of course you don't do this without setting a really nice table, am I right? :-) I personally love table settings. I think it compliments the hours and effort you have put into preparing a festive meal for your guests.
So today's project is about napkins. Handmade with a beautiful print. There are so many gorgeous napkins out there, beautiful patterns, shapes and sizes. But there is something else about a linen napkin. It really adds a luxurious touch to a table setting. 

You'll need these materials:
- linen
- sewing machine or needle & thread
- textile paint & dish
- sponge
- thin plastic sheet for the template
- hobby knife
- tape and sewing pins
- printout of your text

1. Cut a piece of prewashed linen with the dimensions 24 x 32 centimeter. 
2. Double fold the edges (1 cm for each fold) and sew along the sides, to secure fold and create a nice finish on the napkins. Because of the double fold, even the back gets a nice finish.

3. Download and print out the words (A4) for the napkins here.

4. Take your plastic sheet and place on top of the printout. Secure with tape. Cut out the letter from the plastic with a knife. Now you have you template.

5. Take your napkin and place the template on top in the middle. Secure the plastic to the fabric with tape or sewing pins.

6. Pour out some textile paint into a dish, dip your sponge and carefully dab the sponge onto the template, filling out the letters. Make sure you dab vertically so you don't smear out the letters. Also keep a minimum of paint on the sponge, and rather dab several times to fill out letters. Let dry.

7. Last you need to fixate the print. This is a very individual step, as the different textile paints requires different fixations. Please read the description of your textile paint to fixate accordingly.

Now go ahead and make all the napkins you need. Remember to rinse the template for paint between the prints. This will make sure you don't transfer any excess paint to the next napkin.
Download A4 words for napkin here
Merry 5. December. 
/Annika & Sussi
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I found these cute projects over at Marie Claire Idees. I like the idea of making something you have look a bit more fun or give it a new look. These flowers are made from felt and I think it's such a fun material to work with, since you don't have to finish of the edges. The chair cover is pretty cool too. I like how the fabric gives it a more practical and rough look, than if it were made from a thin, fine material. You'll find the instructions here: 
Have a productive and inspiring Friday! /Annika

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