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Today I have a really cool present/download for you. A while ago i bought this gorgeous old 1910 Mercedes typewriter. Those of you who follow us on Instagram (precious_sister) may already have seen this beauty. She a very solid and heavy lady, but she sure is elegant. I love the colors and all the details of this machine. Anything made today with so many details and functions would be all covered up in a sleek and shiny design. I think it sometimes makes us appreciate things less, when we can't really see and understand how they work. 

Anyway...back to the download. I snapped some really awesome pictures of this lady and I wanted to share them with you. They fit perfectly together on a wall, yet they are all different. Just right click the images and save. You can then have them printed at your local print shop and framed. I have made the format so they fit standards like Ikeas A4 frames. The resolution allows you to print bigger though.

I hope you like them. If you choose to get these printed, I would love to see a picture of them on your wall. You can just post the link in a comment below.

These prints are for personal use only. Please do not resell. 


Happy Saturday Everyone!


My camera is one of my most treasured objects. Photography has such a big place in my heart and the more I photograph, the more I need to photograph. The great thing about it is that it forces you to watch life, to see people and it's constantly reminding you of all the beauty around us. This is also one of the things that make me strive and want to push my photography further. I want to be able to capture that moment, those colors and that expression. But sometimes I find that I kind of lock myself, because I, in some cases, have this preconception of what would look good in a picture and what wouldn't. 

Let’s take an example; those red/orange brick walls almost any house here in Denmark is built from, well I don't like them. I think they are the most hideous backdrop for any photo shoot you could imagine. So I try very hard to stay clear of this. That particular thought, actually limits my photography. When I consciously make that decision, or maybe more unconsciously since I actually don't think about it, I just don't do it, I automatically exclude certain options in a creative process as photography. And that's quite unfortunate and it certainly doesn't help me evolve as a photographer. 

So the other day, when I was doing a photo shoot at my sister's house, while in-between sessions playing with the camera, I came up with this series of images. We had bought this incredible beautiful thyme, almost silver in its color and I just had to photograph it. So I put it in a terracotta pot, sat it on an old chair, but the sharp sun forced me to place everything up against one of those red/orange brick walls, I just told you about. So I stood there looking at it, thinking that I had to move it, until I realized that this was probably the best backdrop I could imagine for this very unplanned and casual little series of images

I guess the whole point is that if you are open to changes, to learn, a bit of randomness and 'playing around' can help you evolve and see things in a different light. From this somehow great experience, even though it was only 10 min. of photography, I have learnt that you can judge very quickly, but in the light of something else, the story can look quite different.

I still don't fancy those brick walls, but I recognize the options I have with them when I photograph. I will try more to see things and the possibilities they have, maybe not just on their own, but when they are paired with other things.

Actually I think this could be a really cool project. Maybe you would like to join me? This would be a lesson in photography...maybe a small life lesson as well :). You pick a place, a spot, a material, something you have never dreamt of using in your photography and pair it with an object or person, and make it look good. I think it would be a great challenge. What do you think? 

If you choose to be inspired and maybe try this out, we would love to see your result and you could just link to your pictures in the comments section.

Have a wonderful Friday


Today I have collected a few things, I think have all the Easter vibe you need. Eggs are a must for Easter and of course nests. With these things as base ingredients, you have endless decorating possibilities. 

As for flowers I really like anything that symbolizes spring, but especially snowdrops. They are so delicate and elegant. Last but not least, I need fluffy little chickens to really feel the Easter mood. 

What are your favorite Easter decorating items?

Have a wonderful day!


Yesterday the twig was brown and bare;
To-day the glint of green is there;
Tomorrow will be leaflets spare;
I know no thing so wondrous fair,
No miracle so strangely rare.
I wonder what will next be there!
~L.H. Bailey

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. This past week has been so gorgeous. Getting married last Saturday, to the most loving, warmhearted and beautiful man I know, was a dream come true. We took a small honeymoon to Rome, where we enjoyed beautiful weather, fantastic architecture and lots of great food and wine. And know I'm sitting here, flipping through all the pictures from the wedding. It was such a beautiful day. 

We held the wedding party in our home and Sussi did all the flower decorations. She even made my bouquet (pic.1), which was probably one of the finest bouquets I have ever seen. It was a mix of calla, ranunculus, a single orchid stem, hydrangea, eucalyptus and willow catkins. Absolutely stunning. 

The table setting was very simple and elegant, with warm tones. I used brown and cream as base colors and decorated with bordeaux and cream colored flowers. The black board in the background I change from time to time, and it seemed like a perfect place to write our names and date for the day. I'm probably not going to change it for a while now. I love seeing our names together. 

The center piece was adorable... a beautiful mix of roses, hydrangeas, tulips, eucalyptus, ranunculus and wax flowers. I love how the natural and "not so tamed" centerpiece made a great contrasts to the more subtle table setting. They emphasized each other very well. My sister is so awesome at this flower stuff. Thank you for all your help, darling sis.

I will post more pictures from the wedding later. I made a really cool party favor. You'll get the 'how to's' on it too.

Have a beautiful day!



Welcome to our new site. We are so excited about this and we really hope you like it. If you came here through our Blogger site and you have been subscribed to our previous feeds, we would like you to update your RSS subscription to this new site. You'll find the RSS button in the top right corner. If you're having any trouble, please let us know.

As you might have read on our Blogger site, things have been hectic around here the last month...and you know the secret I was talking about; well, a month ago my partner and I(Annika) decided to get married. And we gave ourselves precisely 5 weeks to get it done:) I guess you can say we are kind of impulsive...or that we are just very much in love...or both:)

This is a very smallish wedding and only the closest family is going to be there. There is going to be lots of food, one of my priorities. None the less is it going to be beautiful and those of you who know us, creative and project wise, you also know that we wouldn't be able to do this, without a lot of decorating and crazy DIY's. I promise we will share those with you later.

Today I'm gonna let you in on the theme and colors for the big day. I have a great love for anything natural and rustic, but for this day it has to be elegant and simple too. I also liked the idea of using things that had some kind of story or meaning.

It has been fun looking for inspiration, Pinterest has been a great tool, but it sometimes overwhelms you. I was doing the menu planning and if it had been only up to me, the menu would probably have consisted of enough food to feed us for a week and a minimum of 12 different desserts, cookies and cakes to go with that. Apparently my 'Hubby to be' believed he had a say in this and for some reason, I still don't know why, we decided that I could make only 4 different desserts. I think his argument was that we had to be able to eat it all(what is that about?:)). I still dream of the other 8 desserts....they are all so colorful in my head:) 

So beware of's likely to give you oodles of ideas:) 

Visit our Pinterest boards here. You can also visit our inspiration section in the menu, where you'll find a bunch of our favorite websites.

Again, welcome and we really hope you'll like it here.
Have a great Saturday!



We have had some intensely beautiful frosty mornings this week here on Fyn, Denmark. Up until now the winter has been pretty mild, but the last couple of days it has become more chilly and frosty. The mornings are especially gorgeous and the light creates a fairy-tale like landscape. When nature brings you sights like this, it almost hurts the heart and it can be hard to contain it all, but it's a really good source of inspiration.
I always just feel like hugging everything, when nature overwhelms me like this....wanting to keep it all close to me. The hugging would be a bit problematic and also look quite stupid :), so I take pictures instead. I's my way of containing it and keeping it close.
Have a beautiful day!
/Annika & Sussi


Being creative is what we love. Sometimes it's the easiest job in the world, when ideas keep coming like running water. But it'll happen that you run dry, or it can be hard to get the ideas together, form and create anything. 
In general it can be hard always to stay creative, both when making things or crafting, but also in daily life. This is something that requires you to feel inspired. I believe it's the single most important thing to anything and everything you do in life. You have to feel inspired to be creative. 
So where do you get inspiration? I don't think there's a single solution to this, it's very much about what triggers your emotions, but it can also be very personal. It might be the smiles on your kids faces, nature, old ribbons and materials, your home....really it can be anything. 
Like me feeling inspired to write this post, when I read a draft, for an "about" page to a website, my partner had written. It really inspired me, when I read his words on how he sees our partnership and visions for this company him and I are starting. And it made me want to create something.
This weekend Sussi and I are going to Formland, a home accessory fair, to be inspired by the coming trends of 2012. It's going to be exciting and it's always fun to discover new things for the home and hopefully to be inspired to create some snazzy, fun projects we can post here on the blog for you guys
May you all have a great weekend! /Annika & Sussi


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