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Happy Thursday everyone. I have a gorgeous little project for you today. Remember the beginning of the month, when I told you about those two drift wood branches I was going to use for a project? Well, this is that project :) I used them for a very cute birdie mobile in pastel colors. Not many materials is needed and anyone can make one of these.

You'll need these materials:

2 x branches (the ones I used were about 30-35 cm long) 
sewing thread
sewing needle
metal wire 
laminator (or use really sturdy carton, if your printer can handle it)
thick A4 paper
prints A4 (download here


1. Print out the pattern on one side, flip and print the pattern w. birdie tracing on the other side. Make one sheet of each color. Laminate the sheets. This will make your mobile a bit more sturdy and last longer. If you don’t have a laminator, then use thick carton for the prints. Just remember that your printer needs to be able to handle the carton you use.

2. Cut out all the little birdies.

3. Use needle and thread. Create five strings of birdies by attaching the birdies to each other with thread between them. Make the distance about 10-15 cm.

4. Take your branches and place them in a X. Secure them to each by winding wire around the intersection. Make sure the branches are pretty level when you hold them up; otherwise the whole mobile will be crooked. Now make a small loop from a piece of wire and attach it to the intersection.

5. Attach all the strings of birdies to your branches, one on each arm and one in the middle. Hang your mobile and enjoy your finished project.

Happy project! See you tomorrow.


Hello everyone. Hope your week is fantastic? Today I have this very easy and fun project you can make for your garden or balcony. It's a flower pot made from a chair and it will definitely add some cool atmosphere to your garden. All you need is an old chair, a pot and some plants or flowers. 


Take your pot and place it upside down on the seat of the chair. Trace with a pen around the edge. Draw another smaller circle inside the first one, about a centimeter closer to the center. Use a jig saw and cut along the smaller circle. Fill your pot with flowers; place it in the chair and…voilá.


Have a great day!


I have so much fun stuff going on today. I'm going to do a photo shoot at my sister's house, which I'm really excited about. Then I'm eagerly awaiting new books from Amazon that will be arriving today. I just love getting inspiration in the mail. Last but not least, I have this great project to share with you; a chalkboard clock made from a pot lid.

This is probably one of the most fun and awesome projects I have made in a long time. You see I'm so excited about this project and the result, that I just can't get my hands down :) And I'll tell why this was such a great project. First; turning something old into something new makes me feel really creative. Second; the cost of making this clock was next to nothing and it was easy to make. Third; you can give this clock your own personal touch and design. Or maybe let your kids decorate it. Last, but not less important. It looks super trendy and gorgeous. Chalkboard paint and beautiful type goes so well together.

You'll need these materials:

- pot lid (drill hole for clockwork, if it's not already there) 
- chalkboard paint
- clock movement + hands
- white acrylic paint
- design of your choice (or use my design)
- chalk 
- spray lacquer (spray lacquer for coal drawings works fine) 




I hope you have as much fun with this project as I did. 
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a fun and creative Thursday 

Vintage Inspiration Friday 
Home Sweet Home 



How is everyone? This week's 'how to' is a really easy and cute project. Often when you make a centerpiece for a party or dinner, you don't always make it thinking that it has to last a long time. But that would actually be nice, right, if it did last a long time. 

So we came up with a slightly different looking centerpiece, that will last a long time. It's made from potted herbs and roses. A bit untraditional I guess, but it looks really pretty and it smells fantastic. 

The whole idea is that you place your cut flowers in test-tubes, which are inserted into the herb plant. This way you can easily exchange the cut flowers when they are done, and you have a fresh centerpiece for any length of time. Another convenient thing is that you can pick and drizzle you food with fresh herbs right at the table.

You'll need these materials:

Test-tubes (about 10)
Tray (we used a baking tray)
10 Cut flowers
3 potted herbs of your choice 

Happy project.


Today we have a perfect little weekend garden project for you. It's a basket made from chicken wire with branch handles. You can use it to keep you favorite herbs and it would be ideal for the potting table or maybe the kitchen window. 

Follow the 'how to' to make the basket. You can save the image to keep it handy.

Have a great Saturday!


Mother's Day is coming up soon and I’m pretty sure you're all preparing something wonderful for your mothers. I lost my mom when I was a kid, so unfortunately I don't get to give mother's day gifts. But if she was here, I would have made this for her.

It's a favorite recipe of mine, actually a Swiss roll, but I felt like turning it in to a layered heart shaped cake instead. My mom would have loved this. She baked a lot herself and I know she would have loved to know how much I enjoy baking too. Well, maybe she knows.

1. Measure out a piece of carton ca. 20 x 20 cm, fold it and cut out "half" a heart from it.

2. Make you Swiss roll mix and spread onto a baking tray 30 x 40 cm. 

3. Make your filling

4. When the cake has cooled, cut out three hearts by using the heart shaped piece of carton. (Make one heart in two pieces, to make it fit)

5. Cover a plate with three sheets of baking paper. Place the first cake layer here. The sheets can overlay, but they should not reach more than to the middle of the plate.

6. Take almost 1/4 of you filling and spread on layer one. Place layer two on top of that and add another 1/4 of the filling here. 

7 Place the last layer (i used the two halves here) on top of that and spread what's left of the cream filling, covering top and sides.

8. And you’re done! Now gently pull out the baking sheets from each side. You can use a fork at the bottom to lightly hold back the cake, when you pull out the sheets. Decorate your cake with strawberries or raspberries as you wish.

Have fun making your mother's day gifts.


Today we have this super easy and adorable DIY hostess gift for you. Every woman likes to receive flowers, but this little cutie has a slight twist. We have gorgeously wrapped a herb plant, instead of the usual flower, in hessian and added a cute tag. 

The really cool idea about this is that the hessian actually works as a pretty flowerpot. You attain this by putting the herb pot into a plastic bag before you wrap it up. This way it will still hold water. 

NOTE: The size of the hessian will depend on your size of herb plant. You can get an approximate size, by looking at the first 'how to' picture.


Save the 'how to' picture below, to have a quick and easy wrapping technique handy or maybe pin it to one of your craft and DIY boards.


Have a great weekend.


Easter is almost here and you probably have all your decorating figured out by now, but if you feel like squeezing in another Easter project, this is a cute one.

This is not an "out of the box" pattern. It depends on your choice of yarn and the size of the egg. 

You'll need these materials: 

Easter egg (any kind of material and size)
Crochet-hook (that goes with the yarn of your choice)


Start with a magic ring.

R1:  ch 2, dc into loop 5 times, join with sl st into second ch, pull loop closed – 6 sts
R2: ch 2, dc in same st, dc 2 in every chain, with sl st into second ch – 12sts
R3: increase in every 3rd ch
R3: increase in every 4th ch

Continue increasing until you reach the thickest part of the egg.
Now you start decreasing, and when you reach ¾ of the egg, you need to put the egg inside, before you finish the project. 
You may need to measure the work during the process by putting the egg inside the crochet piece, to make sure it fits the egg. Otherwise you have to adjust by increasing or decreasing more or less.

Happy project and have a great Tuesday.


Today I have a really cool post for all of you, who just love making homemade presents. For my wedding I made these party favors for people to take home, but they would work just as well as a hostess gift or if you just like surprising someone special with a homemade present. 

I made this like a set, with three different homemade gifts; a jar of jam, chocolate flake tops and brownie mix in a jar. I put labels on everything to give it a fun and pretty look.

The brownie mix idea is inspired by this post from Call Me Cupcake (just love that site). I adjusted the recipe slightly to only contain milk and dark chocolate and not white chocolate. The layering is as written in the recipe in the above picture, except you mix the salt, flour, baking powder and pour in one half before cocoa and other half after. Add a tag with the baking instructions to the jar. You can use this text:

Mix with the following ingredients:

3 large eggs
150 g butter
4 tbsp strong coffee
1 tsp vanilla 

Bake for 25-30 minutes at 175 C (350F) 

I made the jam from a bag of frozen mixed berries, but you can use any recipe you like for this one. Mine was kind of a testing recipe, which luckily turned out pretty well, so I don't have the exact measurements to give you at this point.

The bag of Chocolate flake tops is a favorite of mine. Super easy to make and I would also recommend them as snacks for kids, if you want something that doesn't contain lots of sugar and coloring. Right click the recipe card to download and print. You can use a small paper bag, pretty easy to get a hold on or maybe make your own. I used this template (without the closing at the top) and folded it from a piece of drawing foil I had laying around. 

I used a 1 liter jar for the brownie mix and a smaller for the jam. If you like to print these tags, you'll have to use approximately these size lids; brownie jar lid ca 8,7 cm in diameter and jam lid is ca. 5,8 cm. The extra white is to cover the sides of the lid. Print on adhesive paper, cut along the line and position the label in the middle of the jar lid and fold down the excess white onto the side of the lid. It will automatically get a wrinkled look. Use the square label to close the bag of chocolate flakes.

I you have any questions regarding this project, feel free to ask. 

Hope you have fun!


At this time of year, I think candles is a necessity. It adds a warmth to these cold winter months and it looks so inviting and cozy.
In this project we have Christmas pimped a couple of glass jars and added a bit of winter wonderland to them. 
You'll need this:

- felt
- buttons
- glass jars
(our glass has a circumference of 27 cm)
- scissor
- needle & tread

1. Print out the following template.

2. Take a  piece of felt and pin the template (don't cut out the template) to the felt, but keep room for the extra centimeters on the sided.

3. Now cut along the template, through both paper and felt (This is to create more stability when cutting.). Add the extra bit of felt to both sides. This gives you the possibility to adjust the size a bit, if your jar isn't exactly 27 cm.

4. Measure so the felt piece sits rather tight around the glass, mark and stitch.

5. Stitch on buttons and cut any excess felt.

Download pattern for snowflake candles here
Merry 18. December. 
/Annika & Sussi
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