Since the post last Sunday, I have been wanting to use these little teacups as flowerpots. They are tiny, so I had only room for a couple of muscari. But they turned out really fun and they made for a great photo sessions as well. Wish you all a happy Saturday! /Annika


I have been looking forward to be sharing these pictures with you. As you might have noticed, it's my sister who's the flower master around here...and I'm the lucky one getting to photograph all of her creations. I know a lot of you really like to photograph as well, so you probably know what I'm taking about when I say that; not everything looks as good on camera as it does in real life. The interesting thing is that, what we perceive with our eyes, can be adjusted. We often choose how to see things, leaving out one detail and including something else. But the camera sees everything, nothing can be hidden. This makes certain shapes or objects more fit than others to be photographed. So when my sister came with this beautiful, odd shaped bouquet, I was not only thrilled about her ability to be creative and original, but I knew the photo shoot was going to be such a pleasure. The raw simplicity and elegance of this flower piece was breathtaking. 
The decoration is made from anemones and cut of branches(preferably not too crooked) in different sizes. The flowers has uneven lengths to give the piece some layers. Secure everything together with some coarse string. 
Happy Saturday! /Annika


We felt like creating a bit of spring inspiration today. This is a nice way to create some spring feeling in your home, even though spring is a few months ahead :) A couple of twigs or cut of branches together with a handful of colorful flowers. Make it look a bit casual by not arranging it to perfectly. Have a great Tuesday! /Sussi 

winter table decoration

One of the more fun and challenging things about being a florist is when you do table or party decorations. You often get to be a bit more artistic and daring, which can produce some really interesting results.
So this weekend was all about making center pieces for a friend that was having a party.
I love how this piece has such a natural and simple look, but yet very elegant. Its suits the winter season perfectly. /Sussi
This is our Sunday picture for Fabriken. Happy Sunday!


 The other week when I posted a bunch of images of my sister´s wreaths, I forgot to add a few pictures of this gorgeous piece. I think it would be a very elegant Christmas addition to the white country style. /Annika


moss tree

This is a fun little project. The tree with the pot is no more than 25 cm high and the moss ball is about 10 cm in diameter. You can of course make any size you want.
The stem of the tree is made from a branch that’s pressed into a piece of clay shaped to fit the pot and then cover the clay with mos. The moss ball that makes the shape of the tree is created from pressing moss together into a ball using thin wire to keep it in place. You make room for the top of the stem in the moss ball and glue or wire it together.
The three is now ready to be decorated with pinecones, Christmas balls and ribbon of your choice. Happy Project. /Sussi



This Tuesday's theme for fabriken was advent decoration which gave us an opportunity once again to be creative. I wanted to try out a more unconventional advent decoration and instead of the traditional wreath, I used a large tray, added four candles, filled it with moss, bark, pinecones and some Christmas glitter.
On one side of the tray I made room for a rustic pot with a Christmas rose.I like how the whole decoration feels like I just brought a piece of the garden inside. 

Happy Tuesday! /Sussi


furry wreath 'how to'

Since we have put a few wreaths on the site this week, we wanted to explain how they are made. This wreath is made out of fur, bark, pinecones, moss, Christmas balls and ribbon in a beautiful mix. It is easily put together with a glue gun, where all the pieces are being glued on a straw wreath.

You start by gluing all the main-materials on the straw wreath (fur, bark and ribbon). The peaces doesn´t have to be exactly square, it will make the end result more exciting. Now you have to fill in the "holes" with moss, pinecones and Christmas balls to finish the project.

This was one of my favorite projects, because the choice of materials was so different. It will make a wonderful peace on the wall for Christmas.
If you´ve got any question, feel free to leave a message.

Happy project. /Sussi

This is our Sunday picture for fabriken.

happy friday!

I thought I wanted to start your weekend of by posting this picture of this gorgeous wreath my sister made this week. It has such a natural and earthy feeling to it that you just feel like hugging it. 
This would go perfect on your wall if you like the white country style. I would even bring in that branch. They seem to be the perfect match.
My sister's work with flowers is a great inspiration to me. And that feels good, being inspired.
I hope you'll all feel inspired this weekend. Happy friday! /Annika

Later we'll post some 'how to's on the wreaths.


flower frenzy

So my sister went flower decoration crazy this week. She has been bombarding me with beautiful pictures of her latest arrangements. I know hyacinths are some of her favorites, because you can let part of the root show and that way you get to be a bit more creative when you arrange them.

Anyways...I will post more flower pictures later.
We should soon be starting our Christmas decoration frenzy.  
Hope you're all gonna stay tuned. / Annika


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