November 12, 2010

vintage type and turquoise colors

Recently I started collecting retro/vintage typewriters. Maybe it's not so much a collection but more a collection to be...since I only have two of them. Then again...since it's all about collecting you would actually have to start out with only one and work your way up. So I'll call mine a collection...i like the sound of it. The thing about being a collector is that you apply rules to the way you collect your objects. In this case I'm not interested in just any typewriter, nor does it have to be expensive. It simply has to speak to me. The first typewriter I found was turquoise and I payed 0,5 euro for it. It had my name typed all over it.

So today I urge you all to start collecting something that speaks to you. Whether it may be old books with great vintage type or as my sister does so well...she stores dried flowers for decoration and color inspirations.

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