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As you might have noticed, it has been very quiet around here for the last month. I would love to say that we have just been on a long needed vacation, but the reality is a bit different. About a month ago my darling sister Sussi was diagnosed with cancer, which threw our worlds upside down in a way we never imagined. Her condition is very severe, since the cancer is a very aggressively growing tumor, more specifically a Ewing's Sarcoma. 

We have pretty much been in the hospital since her diagnosis. Sussi went from feeling well to experiencing symptoms in her stomach in under three weeks, to getting this diagnosis. She is in a very critical stage right now, having had her first round of chemo, but reacted very strongly to the chemo. 

I wanted to tell you this as I cannot promise what will happen to Precious Sister in the future. I know my sister loves this place and is very sad to just let it go. So for now we will take a break, until we know more. I'm sure you'll understand our situation and that there's pretty much only one thing that matters to us right now; to get my sister onto a path of recovery.

I will try my best to update you again soon.



My heart and prayers go out to you and Sussi...it is much more important to do all you can for her than it is to blog! Likewise, my own sister is facing a potential cancer diagnois...just waiting for more tests and results. I will light a candle for both of you and your families...
Thank you for your kindness. I really wish the best for your sister too and if this may be an unfortunate diagnosis, that you may find the strength in each other and your families, to overcome these trials. /Annika
We may never have met. But my prayers are with you and your sister as your family faces this most difficult situation.
Thank you for your prayers. I really appreciate you thinking of us. It means a lot. /Annika
I have been following your beautiful blog whenever I get a chance to sit down. I have just read your latest post and my heart is breaking for you and your sister and your family and friends. My hope is that this note finds your sister is on the road to recovery. I am sending you prayers and the kindest thoughts. Sheryl xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Sussi, fick höra i dag att du är sjuk, och skickar många kramar från oss alla Anne-Louise, Thomas och barnen xxxxx
Well, ... I appreciate your blog and especially the fact it is wroten by 2 sisters; that means you both are very close and it touches me a lot. I wish you a lot af courage and hope, Annika, to be present by your sister for this so difficult period. And I will think of Sussi, your family and you. Laetizia
Wishing Sussie, the best recovery possible and to both of you the closest time together. Thank you for bringing beauty into my world, prayers on your way. with love.
We are friends of Tommy and Lisa's in Regina; we've been thinking of you all today and wanted to add our condolences and love.
Hi Sussi, I'm so sorry to hear about your illness, I hope you're feeling better! I've been meaning to comment and thank you both for posting such beautiful images, I come here when I need to relax and unwind. It's a gift that I greatly appreciate. I wish you the best! God bless you and your whole family. Amy
estás en nuestras oraciones, fuerza y muchos cariños
Je suis de tout coeur avec vous dans ce moment difficile. With all my love !
Sorry to hear this news Annika. I wish you and your family the strength to get through this. Best wishes to your Precious Sister to beat the cancer.It makes me remember just how quickly everything can change and how we need to appreciate all that we have.
I am so sorry to hear the news. I hope things are better now, sending big hugs and lots of healing thoughts. xox
Sussi and Annika - I just recently found your wonderful blog site, which is beautiful. I'm earnestly praying for you Sussi, for complete healing, and for Annika an overwhelming strength. Know that many others on this great earth are thinking of you, and sending love your way in much abundance.
I was just over getting all your fabulous links for a feature on your wonderful blog and I am heart broken to hear your news. All the very best to your sister and you and your family are in my thoughts. Sending lots of love x
I've just quite literally found your blog and your photography is just beautiful, after reading this post about your sister I just wanted to wish you all love for the journey ahead Deanne x
hi, just found your lovely blog today through hearthandmade uk and i don't know if you even have the time to read all the comments... but even if you don't i'm sure you feel the good energy sent to you and your sister. i have 2 sisters and i know how precious sisters are. wishing you both health love and light, xxx sharon.
I am so sorry. May God wrap your sister in the feathers of His wings and send all His grace to her and all the family. Right now you are all in the valley, but a mountain is on the horizon. May God bless and keep all of you.