March 2011

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Easter Decoration

I love working with natural materials and after having moved to our new house last summer, with a garden that is filled with lovely trees and bushes, I can just take a step outside, and I'll find an enormous amount of inspiration right in front of me. We were told that the previous owners planted 25 different kind of trees here.
This decoration is suited for both in- and outdoor. Use it as a centerpiece for Easter-Lunch or place it outside, where it will stay a beautiful decoration for a long time, when it´s still cold outside (even though the tulips are without water). The plate is made out of birch branches. Form a ring from the branches, and secure with wire. Add branches untill you get the size you want. Leave the tulips without water for a couple of hours, that will make it easier to bend them, and secure them with wire. Finish the decoration by placing eggs in different colours and sizes in the middle.
Have a wonderful Sunday /Sussi
Have a look at Fabriken for Sunday inspiration



I think we all have a few favorite things, we buy again and again for now apparent reason other than it just makes us happy. To me it's roses and ribbons. I never get tired of these things and it's some of my preferred objects for photographing as well. Maybe it's because I subconsciously know that they will look good in a picture and that's why I feel drawn to them? Or maybe it's just something that makes me happy!
And I love that feeling....of being happy.... surrounding myself with things that makes me happy. Even though one of them might be as simple as a piece of ribbon. This has been a beautiful day, besides from the ribbon & roses:) I hope yours was too! /Annika


The weather has been so great the last couple of days and every coffee break has just been an excuse to go sit outside and feel the sun on your face. Don't know whether it was because of too much sun, or the need for another coffee break, but we got this crazy urge for cake this morning...and I had this picture in my head of a swiss roll with berries. Half an hour later the coffee was poured and the cake was served. Just love those impulsive crazy days :) Have a beautiful day! /Annika


This flower pot is one of my favorite choices, for when I make flower arrangement. Like a lot of my stuff, this one is also found at a flea market. The seller had left the pot outside for a long time, so he was surprised that he was able to sell it. But to me it was just perfect :-) Of course I hardly had to pay anything for it. 
The arrangement is made out of Muscari and Viola in a wonderful mix, some mos, small pieces of bark and some branches. 
Have a nice Tuesday :-) /Sussi  


As I mentioned the other day, Sussi was going to make this beautiful spring decoration. We are having a birthday party today, so the decoration is made as a centerpiece.
You can make this with pretty much any cut flower of your choice. The flowers are stuck into a piece of flower foam. The bark is functioning as the vase/container and the foam is covered with brown sand and some moss. This is a fairly easy project with lots of room for creative ideas. Have a great Saturday! /Annika


It doesn't take much to make me happy. A camera and mission and I'm happy as a peach. And today's morning mission was all about finding spring, so I went to dig between rotten leaves and mud, and found these beauties. I know you can all buy these in the store, but it's a speciel feeling watching them unfold in an organic inviroment. Have a beautiful day...I'm sending spring wiffings you way! /Annika
By the way, my sister is going to make this exiting Spring decoration on Saturday and I can't wait to photograph it :) Don't forget to stop by, you are gonna want to make it at home too.
p.s. Welcome to our new followers, it's always great to see new faces. Can't wait to have a look at your blogs:)


Last week we where honored with The Gorgeous Blogger award from Smulan, on her beautiful blog Under Mammas Vingar. This blog is a favorite of ours, so you can imagine how happy we felt. 
She had this to say about us (it's in Swedish):

"det har ännu inte kommit en dag som jag inte förundras över er mästerlighet. Annika, dina texter har inte bara en gång utan flera gånger inspirerat min vardag. " It´s like having an endless palett of inspiration"...det är kanske en utav de mest fina meningar jag läst under mina jordsnurr hittills.Om ni skulle göra en bok, så skulle jag säkerligen köpa den. Kreativt, fantastifullt och vackert...Ni har nånting alldeles eget och unikt, och jag gillar eran sång. Och hur jag önskade att få ha en sån blombukett på bordet och en bok med era bilder och text som du har skrivit Annika. Ni gör ett fantastiskt jobb! "

That we felt speechless after these beautiful words, well it would be a slight understatement. We do what we love and that in itself is a great privilege, but when someone comes along and recognizes this and feel touched by it, you can't really ask for more. So, Smulan....thank you so much! 

We'll pass this on to five gorgeous bloggers and answer the five questions that follows this award:

1. When did you start blogging?
We started our blog in November 2010. So she is still a baby :)

2. What's your blog about?
Well, we love to be creative and we aim to create inspiration for the home here. It can be an image of something we think is beautiful, a project, or a 'how to' on a flower decoration. 

3. What makes your blog special?
One of our goals is to produce as much content ourself as possible. Don't know if that is particularly special, but it's what makes our blog ours.

4. What got you into blogging?
It's a wonderful thing to be able to inspire other people and we thought this was a fun and interesting way to do it

5. What would you like to change in your blog?
We actually have quite a few changes planned during the next couple of months. We do believe that a blog should be very friendly and we are going to work on that. Then we have a small shop we need to integrate with the blog and we want an inspiration section as well. When we are done with all of that, we have probably come up with a few more things that can be done, as this is the way things work around here. A project is seldom finished before another one starts:) 

We now pass this award on and present to you some of our favorite blogs:
Have a beautiful day! /Annika & Sussi

Pause gourmande en Provence

This is a beautiful French food blog by talented Aurelie. Her pictures are dreamlike and so inspiring. Everything just looks so yummy and there is such a feeling of quality and "homemade" behind everything she creates. Don't forget to visit her tumble archive, where you get an overview of all her amazing photos.

The art of Aurelia is amazing. She works with screen printing, transfer, embroidery, collage, painting ...well you name it. Her talent seems endless and her creations are so detailed and much inspiration is found here.
The Swenglish Home

This is a beautiful garden and interior blog by Swedish Helena, who resides in England. She has such a feel for beautiful spaces and little garden corners and illustrates them all with amazing and gorgeous photos. If you like flowers or need inspiration for your home and garden, this is definitely the place to visit.
Villa König
Yvonne is the creative talent of this place. You'll find so much inspiration here and her photos are sure to make you swoon. She also has a beautiful shopwith gorgeous vintage finds.


G is for Gea and style is what her blog is all about. You'll find beautiful things and inspiration here. Her feel for interior and styling is gorgeous. She recently made a book with pictures of her home. Just stunning. Don't forget to visit her shop as well.


Being a huge fan of graphic art and photography, I of course love books with lots of imagery and great layout. Often a huge amount of time and devotion have been put into making a book, they are like pieces of art, and I therefor like to keep and present them in ways where I can see and be inspired by them. Wood-crates are a really cool solution for this and I can rearrange them for different purposes. They are excellent for shelving and function very well as small bookcases or as magazine cases.
Have a fine day! /Annika
Visit Fabriken for more great bookcases.


 This past week has been a beautiful one. So much blog love has been spread and we really love how inspired we have felt, not just creatively, but life wise as well. And this is an amazing thing, to feel inspired and enjoy every little thing or gesture that may come your way. But it's not just about being inspired, we also think the feeling of being able to inspire someone else or put a smile on their face, it greatly underestimated. It is probably one of the greatest gestures you can make...give away a smile. In what ever way that may be, it is worth everything because it stays with the receiver. It can be a small phrase, a comment, a look, a funny picture on the internet or maybe a story...everything we send out there has an impact on someone else. 
So we would like to say thank you for giving us all the smiles you do. We only hope that we occasionally put a smile on your faces as well.
Have a beautiful Sunday! /Sussi & Annika 
Have a look at Fabriken for Sunday inspiration


I think all of you, who are blessed with a sister, knows how wonderful it is to share your life with someone, that loves you so unconditionally as only a sister can do. In my case, I also have the privilege of my sister being my best friend, which I certainly cannot take for I want to thank her for that on this special day:
This is for you, Sussi!
We have have shared so much through the years, both sad and beautiful moments, and sometimes I wonder what happened to them all? Seems like they are so far away, like we just passed through them like a breeze. But when I think about it, I realize that they are just in front of me. All of these moments are you and me and what we share this present day. It's the very thing that connects us and binds our life together and I'm forever grateful for this. So I want to thank you, for being my big sister, my best friend, my business partner....and simply for being in my life. You mean the world to me! 
Have a beautiful happy birthday!
Hugs Annika