Dear readers. First I wanna say thank you for all your comments and messages. It has been heart warming.

Precious Sister was a project my dear sister and I launched together a couple of years back and due to her not being with us anymore, I have decided not to work on this site any further. I will keep this site open in memory of my precious sister, Sussi. This was a very special project of ours, we had a lot of ideas and visions of what to make of this little beauty.

I have disabled commenting on the site, but feel free to contact me using the contact form if you have any questions regarding our projects or just wanna say hi.

I personally have chosen to focus on my photography. I'm in the process of building my new site www.house3003.com and blog, where I hope to include some smaller graphical project and how to's. You are very welcome to stop by.

Thank you for all your love & support for Precious Sister.



As you might have noticed, it has been very quiet around here for the last month. I would love to say that we have just been on a long needed vacation, but the reality is a bit different. About a month ago my darling sister Sussi was diagnosed with cancer, which threw our worlds upside down in a way we never imagined. Her condition is very severe, since the cancer is a very aggressively growing tumor, more specifically a Ewing's Sarcoma. 

We have pretty much been in the hospital since her diagnosis. Sussi went from feeling well to experiencing symptoms in her stomach in under three weeks, to getting this diagnosis. She is in a very critical stage right now, having had her first round of chemo, but reacted very strongly to the chemo. 

I wanted to tell you this as I cannot promise what will happen to Precious Sister in the future. I know my sister loves this place and is very sad to just let it go. So for now we will take a break, until we know more. I'm sure you'll understand our situation and that there's pretty much only one thing that matters to us right now; to get my sister onto a path of recovery.

I will try my best to update you again soon.



Fresh herbs are probably the most delicious ingredient you can add to your food, especially if you can go out and pick them in your garden. As you might have read, I only have a small balcony herb garden, but Sussi has this gorgeous garden and she came up with this awesome idea for a herb garden.

She had this old broken flower wagon, which was just standing there, screaming for a purpose. So she filled it with dirt, planted all kinds of herbs, arranged some broken terracotta pots and a few branches, and made it into a beautiful and functional raised bed garden. It doesn't only look good and decorative, but you can actually wheel it away too.

This is an easy idea to copy; any wagon like thing can be used for this - small or large will do - the fun part is that it doesn't take much time to create something useful that looks great with this idea. And we just love when those two things go hand in hand :)

Happy gardening!



Do you remember the cozy vegetable garden my hubby and I built for the balcony? Well, this week I took some pictures to show you how everything is very green and growing. We now have heaps of rocket and spinache for every meal, and they just keep growing and I'm eagerly awaiting all the basil and parsely we'll be having next month.

It is such a joy to go out there and pick greens. The spring onions, though, are a bit slower and I'm not sure they'll make it, but it's fun to try these things out and follow the process. And might I just ad, that it looks so fresh and green on the balcony with this little garden. We just love it.

May you all have a wonderful start to the weekend.


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